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Enlarged male breast is a very embarrassing condition for males. It can cause emotional discomfort and affect self confidence.Men may try to avoid certain outfits, public exposure or intimacy.

It can occur because of hormones, drugs, obesity, certain tumors but mostly the cause is unknown.

It is characterized by excess fat and glandular tissue around breasts and sometimes excess skin.

Good candidates for surgery-
• Healthy person
• Nonsmoker
• No secondary causes

Anaesthesia- It can be done under local anesthesia with some sedation or general anesthesia.

Incisions- Liposuction is done through small stab incisions around breast tissue and gland is excised through periareolar incision.

Recovery and results-
It is a day care procedure and patient can resume work after 2-3 days. Final results are seen in 2-3 months.

Complications can occur but rare-
• Nipple necrosis
• Skin loss
• Hematoma
• Seroma(fluid collection)

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