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In hair transplant, we take the hair from the back side of the head (Donor area)which are permanent, under local anesthesia and implant them at the desired areas like front ,top, temples or crown area of scalp, beard, moustache, eyebrows etc. (recipient area).

The hair can be taken from back of the head by two methods.
1. Follicular Unit Transplant( FUT )-
2. Follicular Unit Extraction( FUE) –
(Entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia and as a day care surgery)


In FUT, we remove long and narrow strip of skin from the donor area of the size according to requirement of the hair. The defect is stitched back with stitches in two layers. The stitches are covered with the hair above so the donor area looks the same and normal. This method is done only by highly trained Plastic cosmetic surgeons all over the world.

Hair grafts are dissected out from the strip & kept in cold solution. Holes are made in recipient area with the help of needle and grafts are implanted inside. A highly trained team of technicians is also involved in this.

The stitches heal in 10-12 days.

Advantages of FUT

1. More yield of grafts in one session
2. Larger area can be covered
3. More permanent growth
4. Can be done again in future with same yield
5. Minimum trimming required

Disadvantages of FUT

1. Pain and swelling may be more in sensitive patients but can be controlled by medications
2. Scar is visible after very short haircut and shaving
3. Complications can occur but rare like stretched scar, healing problems, numbness on scalp, can occur rarely


In this technique, hair grafts or follicular units are excised individually using a very small metallic punch.
At first, the donor area is trimmed (partially or completely) according to number of grafts required. Cylindrical Punch of 0.8-1mm diameter attached to a motorised device is used to cut skin around the follicular unit and separate the graft from surrounding tissue. These grafts are extracted one by one. The implantation is either by implanter or premade slits and forceps.

Advantages of FUE

1. Good for low grades of alopecia
2. Faster recovery, good in pain sensitive patients
3. Body hairs can be harvested like form beard, chest, limbs, pubic area
4. Good for patients with tight scalp
5. Good for patients who want to keep hairstyle short

Disadvantages of FUE

1. Head needs shaving or trimming
2. Transaction can be high causing wastage of grafts
3. Repeated sessions give lesser yield
4. Delicate grafts which are susceptible to drying or trauma


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