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How to Take Care Of Your Hair After Hair Transplant? Things you should know

Have you been experiencing constant hair fall? Or you have been witnessing the thinning of your hair? Or do you suffer from alopecia and other hair issues that provoke hair fall?

The natural-looking and long-lasting solution to these hair issues is a hair transplant.

But restoring the lost texture, thickness, and overall look of your hair, a hair transplant can also offer you the look of a fuller head of hair.

However, just like any additional treatment, you must take some precautions after a hair transplant, in addition to the advised post-hair transplant care. Let's find out more about the post-hair transplant care that one must take.

Save the newly grafted area moist

Your surgeon should help you with all essential tools to keep moist conditions for the newly transplanted hair follicles.

Common ideas contain frequent misting of the hair with a saline solution or an ointment such as Aquaphor to protect the implanted hairs from dehydration.

Gentle hair washing

After 1-2 days of using the solution, go for washing your hair by hand. Preferably than washing your hair directly under the shower, it’s more useful to decrease the shower pressure and use your hands to clean your hair gently. One should use a delicate shampoo and then rinse gently using a cup of lukewarm water.

Sleeping semi-upright

People who have just conducted a hair transplant surgery should sleep in a semi-upright position to bypass the effect gravity may have on their hair.

Preferably than sleeping straight, one should obey the “recliner” position while sleeping, with an upright angle of about 45 degrees, and it should be maintained for a full 48 hours whenever a person lies down.

Avoid exercise for some days after hair transplant surgery

Limiting heavy physical exercise for some time will relieve pain and swelling. Non-aerobic exercises such as walking and stretching are sufficient after the hair transplant.

After 7-10 days, you can slowly enhance the exercise intensity over the next weeks. Must Avoid heavy exercise, gym, swimming, steam, t-shirt, helmet, tobacco smoking alcohol, hair oil, and color for three weeks, Although sweating is not a risk factor for new transplants, intense physical work-out will increase pain and inflammation.

A gentler hairstyle works better than harsh up-dos

Loosen ponytails, braids, etc., will put a little pressure on your newly implanted hairs. Also, don’t overuse products that make your new transplants too rigid or too big, and opt rather for a little texture.

Keep any swelling and irritation to a lowest

After a hair transplant, regularly gentle hair cleansing will ease any scabbing and scalp itching. Furthermore, sleeping in a fixed position for the first three nights will encourage the movement of fluid down into the forehead, which reduces swelling.

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