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Why Hair Transplant Should be done by Experienced Surgeon only

Updated: Mar 26, 2023


To get the depth of the Importance of Having a Qualified Surgeon to do the Hair Transplant, let’s first quickly understand what is Hair Transplant and why is getting so popular these days


What hair transplant is?


Why are hair transplants gaining popularity?


Why you should go to a Skilled Surgeon for Hair Transplant



A. What hair transplant is?

These days Men & Women are facing early age hair fall & hair thinning, receding hairline, and baldness. There are multiple reasons of Baldness & Hair fall such as

  1. Genetics

  2. Hormonal changes

  3. Medical conditions

  4. Lifestyle

Hair Transplant is one of the most effective solutions for Baldness. It is a surgical procedure in which we transplant hair follicles (hair roots) from healthy hair part to the balding part of the scalp

B. Why are hair transplants gaining popularity?

Hair Transplant surgery is becoming very popular these days due to various reasons such as

  1. People are more aware nowadays and have started accepting hair loss as a common issue which was affecting their self-confidence and appearance since ages. We also get to observe a lot of famous people, such as actors from movies, athletes, and social influencers, choose to undergo hair transplants.

  2. Another factor which has helped Hair Transplant to reach a large number of people is its increasing availability and affordability. With advanced technology the Hair Transplant procedure is now known by people coming not only from metro cities but also from mid to small towns of India. Additionally, there are so may finance options available which makes hair transplant affordable to people coming from low income streams too

  3. Finally, the most important factor which has made Hair Transplant as the most loved option to treat Baldness & Hair Loss is its success rate. If you have the right surgeon which is well qualified and experienced, then this procedure can improve a person's appearance and self-confidence

C. Why you should go to a Skilled Surgeon for Hair Transplant:

Now that we understand what hair transplantation is and how it came to be such a common word in today's world, let's look at several instances where patients faced huge losses for picking a cheap hair transplant clinic rather than a skilled surgeon.

And hence selecting a skilled hair transplant surgeon is very important to ensure the best results with no risks involved. Detailed reasons are as follows

  1. Reduced Risk of Complications: Like any surgical operation, hair transplant surgery too has several potential risks, including bleeding, infection, and scars. A skilled surgeon has the knowledge and skills to reduce these risks and guarantee the best result. They will adhere to stringent safety and hygiene guidelines while using the appropriate surgical instruments and methods.

  2. A higher success rate: Since a qualified surgeon has a deep understanding of the anatomy of scalp & hair follicles and possesses the technical expertise to execute the procedure they achieve successive results than an unqualified and untrained person. With the past experiences a skilled hair transplant surgeon can recommend the right course of action after evaluating patient’s hair loss condition & understand their expectation

  3. Aesthetically Better Result: What is the point if you get a hair transplant done and are still unhappy with the results? A qualified hair restoration expert not only has the skills to create an aesthetically best looking hairline but also the advanced tools which help to achieve a natural looking hairline. The transplanted hair should blend in with the original hair so well that no one should be able to tell whether you had a hair transplant. While designing a hairline, a professional surgeon considers the patient's age, facial features, and hair characteristics in order to provide satisfying results.

  4. Post Surgery Care: With today’s advanced techniques, a transplanted patient can go back home the same day of surgery and can resume daily activities in a couple of days only provided s/he follows post surgery care provided by his/her surgeon. Yes, a qualified hair surgeon will provide post-operative care & follow-up to ensure that the transplanted hair follicles are properly nourished and protected during the healing process. The follow-up care includes taking care of the scalp, monitoring the healing process, and required medications.

D. Conclusion:

If someone wishes to achieve natural looking best hair transplant results at lowest possible risks, s/he should get in touch with a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon only. The patient should ask the surgeon about their qualification, years of experience, and old patient’s testimonials.


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