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Is PRP Worth it for hair treatment?

Hair loss, mostly premature hair loss, can be devastating. For many, losing their hair is like losing parts of their essence.

While circumstances like male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are more common in people over 50, stress and other characteristics can cause premature hair loss and hair thinning.

To combat it, there are numerous treatments out there, all with varying degrees of dependability and success.

One of the most recent forms of treatment is PRP therapy. Using platelet-rich plasma, is this gruesome-sounding treatment the maximum solution to all your hair loss problems?

Three EssentialStages of PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

There are usually three stages involved in the Complete PRP treatment for hair loss.

Stage 1

It all begins when the doctor or surgeon performing the treatment starts to draw blood from your body, usually from the arm.

This blood is then positioned into a centrifuge to isolate it into the different fluids it is made up of, established on their specific densities.

Stage 2

The blood is usually placed in the centrifuge for about 10 minutes and in that time, the blood has been divided into three distinct layers –

  • Red Blood Cells

  • Platelet-poor plasma

  • Platelet-rich plasma

Stage 3

This is when the magic/science (delete as appropriate) occurs and the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the patient’s scalp using lots of micro-sized needles.

Does PRP work for hair regrowth?

If you are looking for a fast and simple answer to the question of whether PRP therapy works or not, again we can confirm yes it does, but whether you’re happy will rely on your expectations and starting place.

Although we have found it to be very compelling at providing promising results for people, there can be variations in the results.

There have been several studies carried out, one in 2014, another in 2015, and then one in 2019, but these studies concentrated on PRP treatments for male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss and hair regrowth.

These studies concerned a small sampling size of people in most cases, of 10 to 11 people (though one did involve a total of 40).

The results are promising and reveal that it is possible that PRP could help to increase the number of active and healthy hair follicles for hair regrowth and density.

The most recent studies, also demonstrated that the number of platelets you have in your blood can affect its effectiveness.

The reason why people are raving about this as a treatment is because PRP is made up of proteins that have a combination of functions connected to assist in hair regrowth, including stimulating cell growth, and enabling blood to clot.

How long does PRP last for hair loss?

With everything connected to PRP therapy for hair loss, you need to have realistic expectations.

The results that come from having PRP injected into different spots on the scalp, will be different from person to person and there are various factors, including the number of platelets you have in your plasma, that can impact how successful it is.

As it is not an endless solution like hair transplants, you should sign up for PRP as an ongoing hair loss treatment.

One that initially should contain three sessions with intervals between roughly 4 to 6 weeks.

Even after those initial treatments, you will still require to have another maintenance session, tracked by another maintenance session approximately every 4 to 6 months.

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