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Prepare for your Hair transplant surgery (Guide)

Did you know that hair transplant surgery is the number one cosmetic treatment for men in India? While androgenic alopecia is the main reason for male hair loss, there are really quite a few other causes that men lose their hair.

Some of these causes include scarring, autoimmune diseases, sickness, medications, environmental factors, and genetics. While men are not the only ones to lose their hair.

When Should I Start Preparing for the Surgery?

It would be best if you began preparing for the hair transplant surgery one month earlier. From one month before the transplant, you should try to enhance your overall health so that your body can heal from the transplant as quickly as possible.

How Should You Prepare For Your Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you’re getting prepared for your procedure, consider these preparations before your surgery day.

  • Head Massages. Massaging your scalp for 10-20 minutes daily, beginning two weeks before your procedure, can help you have a more successful surgery. This will enable the follicles and increase the elasticity of your scalp.

  • Stay Out of the Sun. Remember that you do not want your skin revealed to the elements before your procedure. We like to operate on healthy, unburned skin. Cover up with a hat or umbrella, or remain inside until the surgery is over.

  • No Drinking. No alcohol one week before your procedure. This is in line with definitive medical practices.

  • No Supplements. The same goes for antibiotics. We do not want to take the possibility of any medications or supplements interfering with medications we’ll give you pre and post-surgery. We will ask you to stop particular supplements and medications before your procedure.

  • No Smoking. Smoking can slow your recovery process. It is best for you to take a break from smoking at least two weeks before your procedure.

  • Stop Taking Hair Loss Medications. Dr. Dipesh will let you know what medicines are okay to take in the weeks showing up to your surgery and which are not to be used before the procedure takes place.

  • Follow the Doctor’s Orders. We will provide you with detailed instructions before your procedure. It is crucial that you follow these so that you can have the most successful result possible.

When do I require to stop taking medication before a hair transplant surgery?

It would be best if you stop consumption of medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, herbal supplements, fish oil, vitamins, or any medication that thins the blood for at least 2 weeks prior to your surgery. This will prevent excessive bleeding and difficulties during the transplant.

What do I require to eat before a hair transplant surgery?

Eat something light and comfortable to digest before the surgery. A single hair transplant can take anywhere from 4 to 9 hours, so it is essential to eat beforehand to provide your blood sugar levels stay stable. You may even be given something to eat during the procedure if it is mostly long. However, you should avoid anything with caffeine the morning before the surgery, such as coffee or green tea.

Transportation After the Surgery

Due to the light anesthesia or sedative that you may be put under, it is not recommended to drive home after the hair transplant. In fact, you should avoid driving for 24 hours after the surgery.

Thus, you should organize some form of transportation for when you leave the clinic ahead of time. You can get somebody to drive you back home or take public transport.

Consider Fabulous Clinic for your hair transplant treatment

Our renowned Fabulous Clinic has revolutionized the way hair transplant clinic providers deliver precision, results, and continuity of care. We provide treatment for a wide range of conditions that cause or lead to hair loss.

Contact us today and make an appointment to visit us for an honest, no-obligation consultation.


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